Tango: The Artform

Tango, if you allow for it, can be one of the most intense experiences of your life.  Fun and playful, sad and intimate, rough and violent, sweet and lighthearted.  What’s amazing is this range of emotions can happen within the same session or performance.  You can truly express yourself through this versatile art form. 

There are myriad styles of Tango; we respect and learn from many of them.  But we remain true to our own style, one that is subtle and relaxed, yet strong and dynamic.  Allow us to teach you our discipline and help you cultivate your own.

Our Approach

Discipline is what keeps us alive.  Tango fuels our vitality.  When we teach or perform Tango, you will see a vibrant expression of our hearts.  Our company approaches everything we do with this same passion and dedication.

When you see us perform, you see artists feeling everything.  We hold nothing back on the dance floor.  We are blessed to make a living from our art form and are grateful for every opportunity to perform.

Our Mission

As teachers, our mission is to make Tango accessible to everyone with an interest.  We want our students to reach that Divine state that is attainable through this dance.

As a performer, my mission has always been to keep my art honest:  Be true to myself.  When I step on stage or on the dance floor, I never give less than my very best effort.

-Carlos Cañedo