What is a 3-Week Intensive? How does it differ from standard weekly group classes offered by other schools?

3-Week Intensives are limited-sized group sessions 90 minutes long (instead of the standard 60 minutes), twice a week (instead of the standard once-a-week). We feel the standard ‘one-hour a week’ group class is insufficient for effectively learning Tango.  We advocate full-immersion.

How does the Level Format Work? What class should I take?

Our Group Class Level format is as follows:

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER: Zero to little tango/dance experience
LEVEL I (previously Intermediate I): An Introduction to TTC base technique. Prerequisite – Absolute Beginner class
LEVEL II (previously Intermediate II): Application of all TTC base technique in a musical and practical manner. Prerequisite – All 6 Level I series
LEVEL III (previously Pre-Advanced): Tango styles and figures beyond TTC base technique. Prerequisite – Strong knowledge of all Level I and Level II material with TTC Instructor recommendation
LEVEL IV (New!): Advanced techniques and complex dynamics. Prerequisite – High level of Argentine Tango technique with TTC Instructor recommendation
LEVEL V (New!): Professional level of Argentine Tango

Tango styles vary from school to school, teacher to teacher. It is our goal to keep all higher level classes moving at at a smooth pace with all students familiar with the TTC base technique. So, to make sure everyone is familiar with the base technique, every student must take our Absolute Beginner Intensive before moving on to our higher level Intensives. It has been a policy that has brought great results and made for happy students!

What is ‘role’? Which ‘role’ should I choose?

The ‘role’ of a dancer is either ‘Leader’ (traditionally male) or ’Follower’ (traditionally female).  We have absolutely no issues with genders switching traditional roles. We simply ask you to choose your role when you pay for tuition and keep that role throughout the entire 3-week session.  Anyone with issues dancing with someone of the same or opposite sex should probably choose a different dance school.

What should I wear to class?

We recommend shoes with leather or suede soles; rubber soles tend to stick on the hardwood, making it difficult to dance fluidly.  For clothing, wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident!

Can I take a class and dance only with my partner, without switching?

Part of learning to dance Argentine Tango is learning to dance with a variety of partners, so all couples switch partners throughout class unless the class description specifically says otherwise. For couples that only want to dance together, we recommend taking Private Lessons.

Do I have to dance with everyone in the Group Class, even if I don’t like them?

Absolutely. Every Group Class student must dance with every student dancing in the opposite role. Anyone who refuses to will be removed from the class session and forfeit their tuition. Furthermore, any student who is found to be disrespectful to another student or students will suffer the same penalty. TTC prides itself on building a fun environment free of judgement and criticism, and we expect every student to take part in creating this environment.

How many sessions of the Absolute Beginner Class do I take before moving on to Level I? And then to Level II?

We suggest remaining in a specific level until you feel comfortable with the class curriculum. Most students progress from Absolute Beginner to Level I after one 3-Week session.  To reach the Level II classes, you must first take all 6 Level I series.  Advancement recommendations will also come from TTC instructors.

If I miss a class, should I continue to come to class or will I be too far behind?

We encourage all students to come to every class, but most students can catch up if they only miss one class.  More than one class is more difficult.  If you have any planned absences during a session, we usually suggest just waiting for a future session that is better for your schedule.

Regarding the Level I Tango Intensives, does the letter signify the difficulty of the class? For instance, is Series E harder than Series A?

No.  Each series has its own technique, completely independent of each other.  The classes are not progressive, so you can start taking the Level I Tango Intensives from any session.  The only prerequisite is that you have taken the Absolute Beginner Tango Intensive at least once.

If I pay for a 3-Week Intensive, Weekly Class, or Workshop and cannot make the session, can I receive a refund or apply it to another session?

No.  Due to the small student limit in each Tango Intensive, once you pay tuition on a Tango Intensive your spot is reserved FOR THAT SESSION ONLY.  You may, however, give your spot to someone else of the same ‘role’ (‘leader’ / ‘follower’).

If I miss a class, can I make it up in a different class of the same / different level?

Because we try to keep role ratio as even as possible, we can’t promise the option of make-up classes.

If I cannot make a class, can I send someone else in my place?

No. Class tuitions are valid only for the person(s) who they were originally applied to at time of payment.

If I have to cancel a Private Lesson, can I make it up at another date / time?

As long as you give 24-hour notice by phone, you can reschedule a Private Lesson for another available date / time. No Private Lesson can be cancelled with less than 24-hour notice. Single full-priced lessons are valid within one year from the date of purchase. 5-Lesson Plans are valid for 10 weeks from the date of purchase. 10-Lesson Plans are valid for 20 weeks from the date of purchase.

What is a “Practica”?

A ‘Practica’ is a practice session where you can come and work on your technique before trying it at a more formal ‘milonga’ (Tango club). It is a supportive, stress-free environment with a teacher available to answer any questions. TTC offers a Friday evening ‘Practica’ from 8:00 – 10:00 pm.