How does the Level Format Work? What class should I take?

Our Group Class Level format is as follows:

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER: Zero to little tango/dance experience
LEVEL I (previously Intermediate I): An Introduction to TTC base technique. Prerequisite – Absolute Beginner class
LEVEL II (previously Intermediate II): Application of all TTC base technique in a musical and practical manner. Prerequisite – All 6 Level I series
LEVEL III (previously Pre-Advanced): Tango styles and figures beyond TTC base technique. Prerequisite – Strong knowledge of all Level I and Level II material with TTC Instructor recommendation
LEVEL IV (New!): Advanced techniques and complex dynamics. Prerequisite – High level of Argentine Tango technique with TTC Instructor recommendation
LEVEL V (New!): Professional level of Argentine Tango

Tango styles vary from school to school, teacher to teacher. It is our goal to keep all higher level classes moving at at a smooth pace with all students familiar with the TTC base technique. So, to make sure everyone is familiar with the base technique, every student must take our Absolute Beginner Intensive before moving on to our higher level Intensives. It has been a policy that has brought great results and made for happy students!